Our vision at Cuyahoga County is to have every father in the county have a productive positive relationship with his children because FATHERS MATTER.

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Cuyahoga Support Enforcement Agency

Cuyahoga Support Enforcement Agency or CSEA
The Cuyahoga Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) has been one of the biggest County departmental supporters and contributors for the Fatherhood Initiative Program. The Cuyahoga Support Enforcement Agency continued its work of public education related to its services, as the following illustrates:
  • Developed a paternity booklet for adult & teen fathers. This booklet explains what paternity is and why it is important.
  • Provided Building Hope with intense caseload management. Also, provided instruction to eliminate some of the barriers of child support and employment.
  • Provided intense caseload management to men incarcerated in the State and Local Correctional Facilities. In addition, CSEA provides educational seminars which focus on paternity establishment, fatherhood, re-entry, and enforcement. 
  • CSEA staff presented educational seminars and one-on-one interviews on paternity establishment and the importance of family at birthing hospitals in the Greater Cleveland area. Birthing hospital staff participated in the Boot Camp for Dads program and maintained a working relationship with the County Board of Health.
  • Recently, CSEA expanded the hours for genetic testing to make it possible for clients to avoid missing time at work. Genetic Testing can be done immediately on site at the County’s Virgil Brown Building. 
  • CSEA promoted the Fatherhood Initiative and Healthy Fatherhood Collaborative programs by distributing fliers and hanging posters throughout the Virgil Brown Building and Neighborhood Family Centers. 
  • CSEA solicited volunteers for the annual Celebration of Fatherhood Conference, hosted by the Fatherhood Initiative.  In addition, representatives from CSEA conducted educational seminars for the event.
  • CSEA hosted a seminar for B.R.I.C.K., a program for young men sponsored by the Cleveland Municipal School District.
  • CSEA encourages men to join other fathers in a visible, productive demonstration promoting education for their children during the Fatherhood Initiative's Fathers Walk campaign. It creates family support and a celebration of education. Research shows father involvement is essential to promoting good classroom behavior, better grades, and higher educational attainment levels.
  • CSEA representatives participated in the Healthy Fatherhood Collaborative and Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Steering Committee.
  • Referrals for early intervention related to child support were provided to Urban League’s Rising Tide and the Center for Families and Children’s Fathers and Families Together programs. 
  • CSEA established a working relationship with the Adult Parole Authority and participated in its annual fair and provided case management.
  • CSEA assisted Children and Family Services as part of its Fatherhood Committee.
  • CSEA formed a working relationship with the Office of Justice Affairs – Custody and Mediation Services.
  • CSEA collaborated with several faith-based organizations. The Agency provided intense caseload management to the Passages Organization. Also, CSEA participated in the Men’s Conference at the Word Church, which developed into a series of seminars on child support.
  • CSEA worked closely with the Center for Families and Children whose programs provide information on building strong family relationships.
  • A representative from CSEA participated in monthly Neighborhood Center Collaborative meetings. The Collaborative’s emphasis is promoting healthy families, the importance of fatherhood, and paternity establishment.
  • The Cuyahoga Support Enforcement Agency offered a Driver’s License Amnesty Program. This program gave non-custodial parents a chance to reconnect with the Agency.