Our vision at Cuyahoga County is to have every father in the county have a productive positive relationship with his children because FATHERS MATTER.

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Starting Point

Starting Point - Child Care System
Starting Point has placed father friendly posters in its offices and is an active participant in the Fatherhood Initiative. Below is a list of activities and events that Starting Point presented to target issues that impact fathers:
  • June 2006, Working with Fathers who have Children with Special Needs, an all day workshop for fathers, and professionals, in partnership with the Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative. This workshop featured Neil Tift from the National Fathers Practitioners Network.
  • October 2006, Overview of Fatherhood
  • October 2006, How to Involve Fathers in Your Childcare Setting  
  • November 2006, How to Have a Father-Friendly Environment in Child Care Settings
  • November 2006, Panel Discussion on Services/Supports Available for Fathers in Cuyahoga County  

The October and November workshops were held in an effort to reach out to fathers and child care providers. These workshops were conducted through the Starting Point CDA Institute (Child Development Institute) as a joint effort with the Starting Point Special Needs Child Care Program.  Members of the County Fatherhood Initiative facilitated the workshops in October and November.