Our vision at Cuyahoga County is to have every father in the county have a productive positive relationship with his children because FATHERS MATTER.

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About Us

The Need
Father and BabyFamily disintegration in the Greater Cleveland area is at a crisis point. In a 2004 survey of major American cities, Cleveland ranked number one in poverty and was near the top in both father absent households and out-of-wedlock births. Research has consistently shown a direct correlation between father absence and poverty. Unfortunately, poverty is just one of the consequences that children living without their fathers face. Children whose fathers are absent are more likely to perform poorly in school, develop substance abuse problems, engage in criminal activity, and experience teenage pregnancy., ultimately perpetuating the cycle of poverty. Ensuring the welfare of our youngest citizens is a societal responsibility. We must all commit to finding ways to create opportunities that will allow every child in Cuyahoga County to grow up with a loving, nurturing, and involved father or father figure. 

The goals of the Fatherhood Initiative are:
  • To promote public awareness of the role of fathers
  • To provide linkages to other public systems and improve our current service delivery to fathers
  • To fund fatherhood related programs on the county level

A father is a key element in a strong, healthy family.

Research has clearly shown the negative impact of fatherless families upon children. Children from fatherless families are more likely to:

  • Live in chronic poverty
  • Do poorly in school
  • Be abused
  • Become teen parents
  • Drop out of school
  • Be incarcerated
  • Abuse drugs or alcohol
  • Bring drugs or weapons to school
  • Commit crime
  • Commit suicide
  • Experience psychiatric illness